Total Domination! It's the goal of every basketball player and coach on the planet. So what's stopping you from dominating the competition? Is it because you don't play hard or don't care enough about the players you coach? Of course not! You need expert information that gives you an edge. and NBA Coach Barry Hecker have teamed up with a panel of expert ballers who have compiled hundreds of hours in video trainings, articles, and audio interviews. Even better, our trial membership gives you unlimited access for two whole weeks and it only costs $1!

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For Players...

Imagine having the chance to listen to NBA, College and High School coaches talk about what they want to see in their basketball players. Well that's exactly what you'll get if you become a member! Not to mention hundreds of training tips, ideas and drills that WILL make you a better player.

For Coaches...

As a member you'll receive the inside secrets of what winning coaches do vs. those who struggle. Whether you need to improve on your basketball knowledge, x's & o's, leadership, motivation or how to build a winning program - it's all inside!

For Parents...

Parents can have a huge impact on the type of players their kids will be. Too much involvement drives kids away and not any involvement harms their self-confidence. Make sure you aren't the reason your kid doesn't get that college scholarship. You really can have that much influence.

"You guys have made me a better coach, teacher and trainer! My team has flipped its record from last year 4-8 to 9-3 and my point guard has doubled his output! Your program and skills work."
Randy F

"Barry Hecker is a very good teacher of basketball skills and has an excellent knowledge of coaching with respect to X's and O's."
Elgin Baylor
11 Time NBA All-Star
Basketball Hall of Fame

"Barry Hecker is as knowledgeable about the game of basketball as anyone I have been associated with in my career."
Adrian Dantley
NBA Hall of Famer
Assistant Coach of the Denver Nuggets

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Do I get full access to all the content during my 14 day trial?

Yes, absolutely. During your 14 day trial you will have access to everything normal paying members have access to. Nothing is restricted.

I've looked around and love what my membership provides. Is there anything I need to do to keep my membership active so that it doesn't expire at the end of the 14 day trial?

No. There is nothing you have to do for your membership to remain active after the trial is over. If you don't call or email us to cancel we assume that you want to remain a member and take advantage of all the helpful content loaded into the site each month.

How much does it cost to remain a HoopSkills Academy member after my trial is over?

To remain a HoopSkills Academy member and take advantage of the many benefits it is only $9.99 per month.

Is there anything included in my HoopSkills Academy membership besides access to the current content in the website?

Yes there is. All HSA members get a 25% discount on all products offered at! As long as you are an active member you get the discount. In addition to that, there will be new content added to the site on a monthly basis that only members will have access to.

What is the Risk Free Trial?

We understand the fact that nobody likes to commit to anything without first learning as much as they can about what they are buying. That's why we offer our 14 day risk free trial.

For only $1 you can become a HoopSkills Academy member and access all of our coaching & training content for 2 whole weeks. If at the end of your trial you decide it's not for you, you won't be charged another penny. No hard feelings. You have nothing to lose.

By taking advantage of the risk free trial you'll get to see exactly how we can help you. You'll get to see all the amazing material we put into our site on a regular basis. We think you'll realize very quickly that you are only a fraction of the player or coach you could be and that by sticking around longer you'll increase your chances of becoming the player or coach you really want to become.

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